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I am Khushi Chitra Singhal (JRF Qualified and Political Science Researcher), the founder of Political Science Solution. I founded Political Science Solution back in November 2023, driven by my little knowledge and passion for Political Science. My goal was to build a vibrant community for enthusiasts of this fascinating subject.

My professional journey includes extensive experience as a content writer and editor for various educational organizations, including Collegedunia, Careerguide, and renowned publications like Bluerose and Oswaal. With a strong background in the Arts and a specialization in Political Science—completing both my graduation and master’s from the University of Delhi, followed by clearing the UGC NET with JRF—I realized this field offered immense opportunities for exploration and personal interest.

During my academic journey, from undergraduate studies to master’s entrance preparations and even UGC NET, I encountered a vast array of resources. The expansive nature of Political Science, encompassing topics from Western and Indian Political Thought to Comparative Politics, Public Administration, International Relations, and Political Processes, highlighted the need for diverse and comprehensive study materials.

This realization inspired me to create a platform dedicated solely to Political Science, providing well-organized and thoroughly researched content. And thus, Political Science Solution was born.

Today, I am immensely grateful for the overwhelming response and trust in the quality of our content. The growing number of daily visitors motivates us to strive for excellence. Thank you for your support, and we always welcome your feedback to help us improve.

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