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David Easton

System Theory: Exploring David Easton’s Framework for Political Analysis

System Theory is popularized by David Easton in Political theory who views society as an open system where decisions in the political system are influenced by inputs from the environment, leading to the authoritative allocation of values through policy-making and feedback loops. Introduction Originally, the System approach shares its roots from biology and was articulated ...

Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt: Insights into Politics, Totalitarianism, and Human Freedom

Hannah Arendt was a renowned philosopher who redefined political thought by emphasizing the importance of civic engagement and the moral dimensions of politics, challenging conventional notions of power and governance. Introduction In the realm of political philosophy, Hannah Arendt stands out as a luminary whose ideas transcended traditional boundaries. Born in Germany and later becoming ...

Public Administration

Public Administration: Understanding its Nature, Scope, and Evolution

Public administration is the implementation and management of government policies, programs, and services to serve the public interest and ensure effective governance. It involves tasks such as planning, budgeting, personnel management, and policy execution at various levels of government. Introduction – What is Public Administration? Public administration is a multifaceted field of study and practice ...

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