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Colonialism and Decolonization

Colonialism and Decolonization: A Historical Overview

Colonialism and Decolonization are pivotal chapters in the history of human civilization, marking profound shifts in power dynamics, economies, and cultures. Colonialism is a system in which one nation extends its control over other territories, exploiting their resources and exerting dominance. Whereas, Decolonization is the process of ending colonial rule, enabling formerly colonized nations to ...

Frantz Fanon: Decolonization, Identity, and Liberation

Frantz Fanon: Decolonization, Identity, and Liberation

Frantz Fanon was a groundbreaking political theorist who passionately advocated for decolonization through violence and explored the profound psychological effects of colonialism, leaving an enduring legacy in post-colonial studies. Introduction Frantz Fanon,  an Algerian political theorist and a remarkable figure in the realms of political theory, psychiatry, philosophy, revolution, and literature, was born in the ...

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